Positioning Not Selling

How coaches & consultants go from invisible to in demand

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Be Visible. Build Goodwill. Be Perceived As A Leader

Without High Pressure Tactics


What Do You Stand For?

The more cluttered your market place, the more invisible you become. To stand out you need to stand for something. 


Who Do You Stand For?

If you try to stand for everything for everyone, you'll end up standing for nothing for no one. 


What Do You Stand Against?

The more repulsive you are to the people you don't want to work with, the more attractive you are to those you do.

Start By Reading the Book

Strategies & tactics come and go, but the one constant is human psychology. Positioning is how you leverage psychology to market and sell your products & services through attraction, not pounding prospects with a self centred message.

"Impact More People With Your Message. Generate More Income With Your Offers"

Positioning Gives You Leverage

How Do People Make "Buying" Decisions?

It's all psychology

My big "aha" moment came after failing to turn a room full of hungry prospects into clients. I walked away, licked my wounds and reflected. I found a better question to ask, which put me on a different path. "How do people make buying decisions?" Simple answer, it's all psychology. Every marketing campaign you design. Every piece of content you create needs to be focused around the emotional triggers which under pin every decision humans make. If you truly want to attract more clients, better clients, clients who can afford you,  start answering this question. 

Accelerate Your Visibility, And Put Your Marketing On Steroids

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